An Arcade Game Under the Sea Adventure
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In this game you play as a yellow submarine trying to make it home as it is lost. The submarine is little and not working very well as it has taken some damage while trying to make it through a mine field.
There are many dangers in the sea and one of the greatest one, besides mines, is the mean red fish. This fish is fast, tenacious and it is poise to get the Crusty Sub. As the Submarine operator, you need to avoid this fish at all cost, as it will takes the most points out of your protective armor.
There are treasure coins scattered around the sea, try collecting them so you can increase your score and have a way to use them for repairing the Crusty Sub.

Game players identification
Here is how to identify the players in the game.
The Crusty Sub looks like this one below. It is a very clumsy and dingy vessel, and it is in need of repairs.
The Red Fish is mean and fast fish that is out to get the Crusty Sub. If it touches the submarine, it will damage its armor the most. Watch out and avoid this fish.
Sea Mine is one of the enemies the Crusty Sub has to face. It is a very sensitive device and by just verily touching the mine, it will explode and cause damage to the Submarine’s armor. Here is how it looks:
Treasure coins are things the submarine can collect in order to increase points so it can make repairs to the vessel. Collect as many as you can. Here below is how they look:
Armor Boxes allow the submarine to get its armor up. By hitting one of this boxes with the vessel, it will replenish the armor by either one or two points. These armor boxes are heavy so they are usually at the bottom of the sea, and they can be knock around by the Red Fish or  Mines. Here is how it looks:
Game Controls
The game has one control and four menu controls. The menu controls are at the top of the game. The control for moving the  Yellow Submarine vessel is by tapping on the screen. Tapping and holding will lift the vessel up. Letting go will cause the vessel to sink.
The menu controls on the top are for pausing the game, re-starting the game, playing the game after pausing and for turning the  music off and on.

Rules of the game
The rules are very simple. Move up-down by tapping on the screen to go up and letting go so the vessel can sink down.
Avoid mines and also avoid the mean red fish from crashing into your vessel. Although you have a max armor protection of 10 hits before your vessel is destroy, you can look for armor boxes that can regenerate your armor by two points.
The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Good Luck!
Game Credits
The following is the team that work in the game:
Main Engineer: Bernardo
Tester: Sebastian
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