An Arcade Game Adventure
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This is the story of a space pilot who deserted the Constellation Alliance Organization or CAO for short, and became known as the Renegade Space Cowboy. The game is set in a galaxy where the CAO control 85% of the planetary systems.
Since the Cowboy left the CAO, he’s making a leaving as a bounty hunter. He tries to stay away from the CAO patrols looking for him but sometimes they catch up to him and he needs to break loose and escape. This is where our story takes place.
After many battles and many more chases the Cowboy Constellation is in the last battle for his life. The ship is a mess and in needs of repairs, but he knows if he can make it through this battle in one piece, he will be able to reach the renegade’s repair station in the nearest asteroid belt.
Are you ready to help the Cowboy Constellation in his final battle so he can make it to the repair station? Let’s give the ol’ cowboy a hand and get him to safety. Before we can help the Cowboy, lets learn some of the rules on how to operate the spaceship and move around.
Spaceships identification
Here is how to identify the spaceships.
The Cowboy’s ship looks like this one below. It's a very fast and powerful ship, but it's in need of repairs. Here below is how it looks:
Cowboy's Ship

Cowboy's Ship

Enemy Craft:
The Slayer is a fighter craft with high maneuverability and potent weapon system. Here is how it looks:
The Slayer

The Slayer

The Seeker is a recon craft that specializes on finding enemies. It has a powerful gun, but its weakness is its slow speed. Here below is how it looks:

The Seeker

The Raptor takes its name to a higher level as it is a very fast and powerful enemy craft. Watch out for its approach as it can come  from many angles. Here below is how it looks:

The Raptor

The enemy Health Craft is a slow moving rapid firing ship. This enemy craft has both the capacity to damage the Cowboy's ship and also give its shields a boost. By shooting down this enemy craft, it will boost your shields back up by one point. Here below is how it looks:
Health Ship

Health Ship

Start Game
To start the game, in the main screen, just tab on the Cowboy's ship that is moving. See below.

Game Controls
The game has two main controllers and four menu controls. All these controls are at the bottom of the game. The control for moving the Cowboy's ship is the circle ring on the left; by dragging your thumb on the ring, you can move the ship up, down, left and right. In order to launch torpedos, use the circle ring on the right. Just tap on the Fire circle to release the torpedos.
The menu controls on the bottom middle are for pausing the game, re-starting the game, playing the game after pausing and for turning the  music off and on.
Here below is picture of the controls:
Rules of the game
The rules are very simple. Move up-down and left-right by using the control circle-ring on the bottom left, and tap the circle-ring on the bottom-right to shoot enemies. You can shoot many times by continue to tapping the circle-ring.
Avoid enemies torpedos and also avoid enemies from crashing into your space ship. Although you have a max shield protection of 10 hits before your ship is destroy, you can look for health ships that can regenerate your shields by one point. You can shoot these health ships or crash into them so you can get the shield’s health up.
Since the Cowboy’s ship is damaged and the gun is over heated, you can only defend the ship by shooting torpedos every half a second at a time. Make sure to avoid the enemies ships and torpedos as a strategy together with the use of your torpedos.  The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Good Luck, Cowboy!
Game Credits
The following is the team that work in the game:
Main Engineer: Bernardo Perdomo
Tester: Sebastian Perdomo
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